We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
Everyday we strive to provide the best services available to those individuals who have been deemed by a court of law to be incapacitated, incompetent or legally disabled.

Guardianship Associates of Utah

Guardianship Associates of Utah (GAU) is a non-profit organization. GAU provides direct Guardianship, Conservator and Trust services to individuals who have been deemed by a court of law to be incapacitated, incompetent or legally disabled. GAU contracts directly with the Office of Public Guardian in the State of Utah to provide services to individuals. GAU also provide private pay guardianship and conservator services for a fee.

GAU gives free presentations to family groups, schools, community groups and professional organizations about guardianship. GAU also has an Assisted Family Guardianship program to help families obtain guardianship for incapacitated family members who have reached the age of majority or have become incapacitated due to an illness, injury or a deteriorating condition.

GAU History

Guardianship Associates of Utah (GAU) was established as a non-profit organization in 1991. The need for professional guardianship and a family assistance program to assist families in gaining guardianship was developed by Karen K. Bradford.

At the time Guardianship Associates was organized there was not a private non-profit organization providing such a service in the State of Utah. We still remain the only non-profit organization in the State of Utah providing direct guardianship services to individuals.

Mission Statement

Guardianship Associates of Utah believes that all people have the same basic civil and human rights and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone is entitled to make choices and decisions about their own life unless they have been found legally incapacitated to do so. Guardianship Associates of Utah believes that choices made in another person’s behalf are to be enabling rather than restricting in as far as it is possible. Guardianship Associates of Utah adheres to and follows the guidelines of the National Guardianship Association.

Our Clients Testimonies

"Guardianship Associates of Utah is the guardian for many of the individuals in our residential program. GAU is easy to work with. They are easy to contact and we know that no matter the time of day or day of the week, we can reach them. They have established close relationships with the people they serve. They visit often and have a sincere interest in their individuals." - Chrysalis Incorporated

"We had looked for information about guardianship and felt very confused, until we contacted Guardianship Associates. They helped us gain guardianship of our son through their Pro Se program. We found the training easy to understand. The materials were easy to use and the process went extremely well. They were there to assist us in every step along the way as we pursued guardianship. We highly recommend their Family Assisted Guardianship Program to any parent who is seeking guardianship of their disabled child."" - Stan and Monica L.

"GAU helped me obtain guardianship of my son Matthew and save money too. Anamarie explained how to create the guardianship documents and file them. It was easy to do and didn't take much time. The attorney she recommended to represent Matthew was very personable and Matthew was comfortable with him. I highly recommend going pro se as it is easy and saves so much money. I've also been pleased to have Anamarie make presentations to the parent group I represent. She explains the reasons guardianship may be needed and how to go about obtaining it. This has been valuable information for parents in our group whose children are nearing age 18."" - Cindy S.